Mighty Trivia

About the skill

Mighty Trivia skill is an awesomely competitive trivia game designed for kids aged 6-13 years. The skill's mission is to bring the best possible trivia experience to a younger audience. The skill has been live since Christmas 2017 and is played regularly every day across the globe. The game features have been expanding with the addition of tournament mode, multiplayer mode and echo button compatibility (for Amazon FreeTime Unlimited users). These new features add new dimensions to the core method of gameplay. If you have played the general mode of the game and thought "wouldn't this be cool with echo buttons" or "I would love to play this with categories" or "I'd love to play against my fiends and family" then please check out tournament mode and multiplayer mode (currently only accessible in the US via Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription).

Please contact steven.bowden@protonmail.com if you have suggestions or queries.

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