Mighty Trivia

Privacy information

Mighty Trivia is a child directed Amazon Alexa Skill. No personal information is collected by the skill. In order to bring the best possible experience to customers, the Mighty Trivia Skill records and maintains game specific information to enable top score comparisons, game saves and less prescriptive instructions for experienced players of the game. Scores achieved during gameplay may qualify for one of the global leaderboards. The global leaderboards are public facing datasets containing only the scores and no other information. The global leaderboards can be viewed securely at https://mightytrivia.com. Gameplay data is used solely by the makers of the Mighty Trivia Skill for the specific purpose of detecting application issues and improving the overall customer experience. Data is hosted and managed securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. The data is not shared with any third party. No third party tools are used ingest, process or analyze data collected during gameplay.

Please contact steven.bowden@protonmail.com if you require any further information in relation to privacy.

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